"Alnet Textile"
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ALNET TEKSTIL SAN. and LTD.STI has been created in 04.12.2015 as a company that does export production and fason organization to Europe’s and USA ’s well known brands. We have total of 50 manual workers and 10 white collar workers. To create our merchandise we work with newest technology machine parkour. We always follow the new technology to keep ourselves updated and create quality products for our customers.
We produce about 25.000 piece blouse and dress on band in our site.Our mission is to reach out our own connections with creative and quality products to export and collect more relations.We created our technical crew in ability to make this organization. Also we have our new baby brand N-SEN on the board of ALNET. It is a unique retail concept project as an under brand to offer you visual of what we create.

Some of our works for N-sen

To give you more options to picks out we decided to create our brand for you and named it N-sen


Do you need a manufactoring?


To reach our maximum quality and speed of transportation by reaching our customers directly. For better communications and understanding of our customers needs and problems we decided to work with the best team members who are professionals of their field. Also excited to bring out our own creation as we work on yours.